Most customers make their turbine investment for a sustainable future and expect a typical 20-year lifetime for the turbines.
Harsh weather conditions can result in loss of earnings and a lower return on investment. 

The support from SG Wind Japan ensures your turbines provide the highest possible output at all times.


Many years of experience
The service provided by SG Wind Japan, is performed by domestic technicians with up to 10 years of experience within the Wind turbine industry,
and European technicians with seniority of up to 20 years.


Service and retrofit – all kinds of support
We offer all kinds of Wind turbine support, such as Oil and grease replacement, Bolt torque and tension, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical systems, upgrades and spare parts.


Main components
Main component failures can be very costly. The failure can lead to a lower return on investment. SG Wind Japan offers you proactive inspections of the gearbox, generator and
blades completed by the most experienced service technicians. You will receive documentation for each turbine inspection.


Service north and south
With offices in the north and south, and a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, we offer nationwide support in Japan.


Book a meeting
Please feel free to book a meeting to hear more about the range of services, we offer your company.
We speak English and Japanese.