Blades Road Trip

A ”Blades Road Trip” was made in Japan November 2017. One Japanese company, SG Wind Japan and two Danish companies, PolyTech and Bladena made a blades presentation about educated Blades Technicians, SkyClimbers, products for Leading Edge protection and products for making a strong Trailing Edge solution. Most of the biggest companies in Japan received a…

SG Wind Japan appointed

SG Wind Japan has been appointed to make blade repairs for V80 blades by the biggest wind turbine owner in Japan. The project is also including the leading edge protection (LEP) solution “LEP9”.

GWO certificated technicians

At SG Wind Japan the Management has safety behavior as one of the top priorities. As the CEO of SG Wind Japan Mr. Suto san explains, “the wind industry is a harsh industry, we need to ensure that our technicians are well aware about safety behavior, do know how to act in a safety manner…

GSI Wind appointed to lead a Blade project in Japan

Technicians of GSI Wind, the mother company of SG Japan, will be responsible for inspection, repair and painting of a number of blades in the Hokkaido region, North of Japan. The project will be executed by GSI Wind technicians and domestic technicians, supported by STS. Project start up is in July.