proactiveBe proactive
The blades are the biggest components and the foundation for your turbines producing power, not to mention that they are very expensive. The blades have become bigger and bigger and with the varying weather conditions and heavy loads, the blades are continuously put under high pressure.
To ensure the best performance, SG Wind Japan highly recommends that you are proactive, especially with regard to your blades.


Inspection of blades

Inspection of blades using:

  • Camera, from the ground
  • Drone
  • Rope technicians

Inspection and testing of LPS (Lightning Protection System)

The inspections are documented in a report in compliance with industry standards.


Repair of blades

Different categories
According to the inspection report, each damage and repair solution is categorized within the category from 1 to 5

The right competencies
When SG Wind Japan repairs your blades or LPS, we ensure technicians with the right competencies


SG Wind Japan is your partner
After completing the inspection of your wind farm, you will receive a report with our recommendation. SG Wind Japan offers to support your blade repair project, or run the project.


Book a meeting
Please feel free to book a meeting to hear more about the type of blade support we offer your company. We speak English and Japanese.